Have you ever wondered why most Asians love to eat spicy food and are fond of herbal medicines? Aside from ginger, turmeric is very famous in India and it is also a very helpful nutritional supplement that you could ever use. If ever you are wondering where the name “TURMERIC” came from, it actually came from the word “Saffron” from the Persian language. It is very famous in India thus they have the biggest production of turmeric. But aside from the yellowish color that it gives the color to our curry, what are the reasons why we should eat and use turmeric?

As mentioned, turmeric is a medicinal herb which means it is natural and you can use it in any ways. Once taken, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent and it is also a very strong antioxidant. If you have been eating a lot of protein, meat, or even junk food, turmeric will help take them down in your digestive system.

If you want to look younger and wrinkle-free, turmeric is the herb for you! It increases the capacity of your body to create anti-oxidants. Turmeric also helps slow down any brain-related diseases as we already start to age. It is also believed that it makes you a lot smarter and it could improve your memory. Now, tell your friend to consume turmeric!

For more serious cases, turmeric can actually prevent cancer. As we all know, no one wants cancer because it is such a terrible disease. Once turmeric is taken it can reduce and prevent cancer from coming to your cells. It is really helpful for people who are sickly and even for cancer patients.
Aside from cancer, nobody wants to  experience depression. It is believed that turmeric is an anti-depressant. It can stabilize your mood and it could be a remedy to cope up with depression.