Every year the number of people moving to live in urban areas increases as more and more are drawn to the opportunities they have to offer. But, here is another reason to consider settling in rural areas instead.

According to a research recently done by scientists from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) and doctors from Hospital del Mar, high levels of noise pollution can increase both the severity and consequences of ischaemic stroke. And you thought those honking cars and partying neighbors were just small annoyances?

They investigated the influence of noise levels, air pollution (PM) and exposure on 3,000 ischemic stroke patients having their treatment at Barcelona’s Hospital del Mar between 2005-2014. Their studies show that those patients living in especially noisy areas are at 30% higher risk of suffering a stroke.

Meanwhile, those people who live close to green areas and nature were found to have a 25% lower risk of suffering an especially serious stroke. It even lessens the risk of having one in the first place.

“We have observed a gradient: the more green spaces, the less serious the stroke. And the more noise, the more serious it is. This suggests that factors other than those traditionally associated with stroke may play an independent role in the condition,” explains first study author Dr. Rosa María Vivanco during their press release.

Aside from the mentioned factors, the subjects’ socio-economic status was also considered. Fascinatingly, no link was observed between air pollution and stroke severity. The research team believes that the result of the study is significant enough to be considered by doctors and other health professionals.

So how much noise exactly is a hazard to one’s health? According to the World Health Organization, the limit of noise should be 53 decibels during the day and 25 decibels in the evening. For comparison, light traffic outside and the sound your refrigerator makes are measured at 50 decibels while rustling leaves are well within 25 decibels.

Source: Sciencedaily.com – Living in a noisy area increases the risk of suffering a more serious stroke (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191029103311.htm)