It is always better to consume natural food than synthetic. It is already proven that anything that is natural has more health benefits. There are lots of food that are both a medicine and a seasoning. Garlic, for instance, is a famous seasoning worldwide. It is related to the onion, chives, leek, and shallots. Just by the smell of it once it is cooked, we are already salivating imagining about the food that is about to be served to us. But when it comes to health, what benefits could Garlic give us?

In a single bulb of a Garlic, there are about 15-20 cloves. The distinct delicious smell that the garlic has is actually called “Allicin” which is responsible for the storage of the health benefits. Garlic is very nutritious and it has very little substance of calorie.

Like what our elders say, it is true that Garlic combats our common cold. It reduces the chances of getting sick or being infected by the common flu. It is good to put this on your daily diet. It also lowers down pressure once you consume a high dosage of Garlic. It also lowers down the risk of heart diseases and cholesterol levels. Thus making Garlic a good supplementation. It is also rich in antioxidants that prevent us from Alzheimer’s disease and even Dementia.

It is also believed that Garlic can make you live a lot longer since it boosts your immune system. Garlic is also good for athletes since it is believed be a very helpful supplementation that can be taken in high dosages thus making it a lot more effective.

It also detoxifies heavy metals that are inside the human body and it improves the health of our bones. All these and more benefits that we can get from Garlic, start munching!