Have you ever wondered why it is called “Dragon Fruit“? The fruit is actually called “Pitaya” which comes from Central and South America. However, the name dragon fruit actually came from a folk story which was related to dragons. The flesh of Pitaya or Dragon Fruit comes with a variety of color, from white to red or deep magenta. It can actually stain your clothes once you start eating it. Once you eat Dragon Fruit, you will always want it. Aside from being delicious, you can actually get a lot of health benefits from this mysterious fruit.

Dragon Fruit is highly nutritious. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is of course very essential to our bodies. It is an immunity booster as well. Moreover, it contains a bunch of antioxidants which can make you look  younger. Like any other fruits and vegetables, it is filled with a lot of fibers which can help if you are dealing with bowel movement issues.

This beautiful looking fruit prevents cancer and if you have tumors it can help reduce its growth. If you feel like you are having a sick kind of feeling, the dragon fruit will surely help you! It is also antibacterial and it speeds up the healing process since it improves cell regeneration.

It also improves your cardiovascular health which can prevent the risk of acquiring strokes or even heart attacks. Pitaya or dragon fruit keeps your body to function well. Moreover, it contributes to the metabolism process of your body. It can also help you lose weight as well.

Thus, start to add this amusing fruit to your diet. This fruit might look weird but try and experience its benefit. You will surely be surprised with the nutrients that it brings. Dragon is mysterious, but it is highly delicious and nutritious.