People don’t really understand that depression is real, not until they experience it themselves. But not everyone has to go through depression. No one deserves to go through depression. If you think you’re in that state, explore yourself on other things.

There are different ways to fight and prevent depression. One thing is to keep yourself busy. This is the most common advice that you get from people whenever you ask help, but this is nonetheless true. Keeping yourself busy does not mean that you have to stress yourself out at work. It is to organize things that you have to do on a daily basis. If you run out of things to do after a routine or after a long day at work, do things that you love to do like baking, painting, or maybe skills and talents that you want to enhance. This way, you get to focus on better things that you can do rather than focusing yourself on unwanted thoughts.

Do not listen to melancholic music or kinds of music that make you even sadder. This can cause a great distress and can worsen your situation. Music affects our mood. Listen to light and positive music. It does not only necessarily mean that you should only listen to music on your phone, but you can also listen to the sound of nature.

Some people feel more calm and relaxed whenever they listen to the rain or better yet listen to the waves of the ocean or just nature itself. Nature produces a positive energy that we need rather than listening to loud music that might make you feel worse. Go out and appreciate nature.

Furthermore, surround yourself with positive people, especially with your family or loved ones. This way you get to interact and spend time with them. Talking can help you express the things that you’ve always wanted to say, and also, listening to other people will make you realize that we all have different kinds of burden, but it’s up to you on how you can escape in a very positive manner.