In the present times, we all know that pollution is getting worse. Our houses, the streets, offices, and even malls are surrounded by dust. These are very small polluted particles that came from different kinds of sources. There are different kinds of dust that come from the pollen of flowers, soil, sand or rock. But the dust that we are having problems with, are man-made dust that is very common in urban areas. Living in industrialized areas can put you at a higher risk for acquiring health conditions related to dust.

The smaller the dust is the easier for them to stay in the air and can also be easily inhaled by us humans. Large dust particles are mostly trapped in our noses and mouth when we breathe them in. Dust can harm us depending on how long we have been exposed to polluted air. It can irritate our eyes, can cause a cough, sneezing, and dangerous for people who are suffering from asthma.

People who are exposed to high levels of dust may be affected – the longer breathe in the dust, then the higher the chance that it will cause troubles in health. People who smoke are at large risks of developing long-term health problems. Babies, children, and elder people should not be exposed to an environment that has high levels of dust. It is best for them to stay in clean indoors.

Dust is everywhere that is why we must maintain a very clean environment and of course we should start inside our home. Cleaning is one way of reducing dust around us. Leaving your room unorganized and dusty can cause a lot of health problems that will start simple illnesses but then lead to uncontrolled diseases. Cleanliness is always the key for a healthier environment to live in. Always remember, that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”