Obesity problem for some people has no single solution. There is some part of the world that people don’t eat because of not having enough food. Thus, there is some part of the world that people eat too much because of the abundance of food.
Obesity is quite different from overweight. Obesity means having too much fat on a person’s body while overweight means a person is weighing too much than it should be.

Obesity and overweight are currently the 2nd leading cause of death in the USA and maybe at first since it will soon overtake the tobacco as the leading cause of death.

Obesity occurs in such time when you eat and intake more calories than you use. The factors that may affect your weight include your genetic makeup, eating high-fat foods, overeating and not being physically active. Obese people have a higher risk develop a great number of diseases and bodily pathologic functions which resulted from the accumulation of the extra body fat. The excess body fat is dangerous to health because it is the main source of blockage of heart arteries which could cause cardiovascular diseases.

Risk of being obese includes:
High Cholesterol / Heart disease / stroke / diabetes / hypertension / arthritis / and some cancers.

Things an obese person may experience includes:
Shortness of breath
Varicose Veins
Trouble Sleeping
Sleep apnea

Start taking steps to prevent those unhealthy weight gain by following these simple steps:
Follow a healthy eating plan
Make sure to monitor your weight regularly
Be consistent with your diet plan
Exercise regularly

Preventing obesity is extremely important. Weight reduction can achieve by increasing activities and exercise and consume fewer calories.

For some people who are obese, it is a challenge for them to lose weight. However, defeating obesity is one of the best key to a healthy life and a happy life.