People know that alcohol consumption can cause major health problems in our body including cirrhosis of the liver. Some people think that the disease they can get through drinking a lot of alcohol is only the liver disease, try considering the second opinion since it’s not. Researchers found that too much alcohol consumption can lead to more than 50 diseases.

Consuming too much alcohol is dangerous it can lead to serious health complications such as renal and hepatic problems. Moreover, it can alter your mood increasing your risk to life-threatening incidents.

Conditions linked to Chronic Heavy Drinking include cases like:

– Dementia

– Cirrhosis

– Depression

– Hypertension

– Nerve damage

– Anemia

– Cancer

Short Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse Includes

-Vomiting, headaches, and nausea

Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse Includes

-Liver disease, memory loss, and blackouts

Adults in some point are not the only one who suffers from alcohol abuse. A lot of teenagers are at risk of developing an alcohol abuse due to peer pressure.

Many teenagers who choose to drink can easily develop an abuse problem due to binge drinking or with drinking at least five drinks for two hours or less.

Teen alcohol abuse symptoms include:

-Lying, mood swings, staying away from the family, breaking rules, smelling of alcohol, and becoming abusive and violent to others.

As the study shows, a teen who is chronic heavy drinking is likely to be more sexually active in unprotected sex more often which can lead to STD’s or HIV if they can contact to an infected person. They are also at risk of becoming victims of robbery and rape.

We can still be healthy and live a normal life if we do not drink alcohol often. It is better to be aware with the negative effect of alcohol to our health. Consider drinking alcohol in occasional ways and remember to think before you drink!