Sleep plays a crucial part in your physical health. How you perform your daily activities, also depends on what happens while you’re sleeping. If you have a poor quality sleep, you will be having a hard time going through the day. It would be very difficult to comprehend simple tasks or make up straightforward decisions. Studies show that a good night’s sleep enhances further learning, improves comprehension, memory retention, creativity, prevents depression, increases tissue healing, balances body hormones, and boost your immune system.

Having a good sleep habit can have a substantial variance in your quality of life. The following are the practices that you should observe on a continual basis:

• Exercise regularly. Exercising at night enhances quality sleep and increases sleep duration.
• Practice something relaxing such as meditation, a warm shower, listening to soft music, and reading.
• Cut off stimulants especially at night time such as coffee, carbonated drinks, and tea.
Have a consistent sleep schedule. Set to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time daily. This helps regulate your body’s clock and be used to the arranged time.

Keep your gadgets away from you. People these days tend to use more of their phones right before sleeping which keeps you awake.
Avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
• Keep your room attractive and enticing for sleep.
• Have a comfortable pillow and mattress.
Avoid bright light in the evening and expose yourself to sunlight in the morning. This will keep your sleep/wake cycle managed.
• You might feel sleepy sometimes in the afternoon. Try to combat sleepiness so as not to disrupt your sleeping pattern. Indeed napping is a good approach to manage lost sleep but it isn’t the right thing to do as it only worsens.
• Eat less. Avoid large meals at night.

Fight after-dinner drowsiness. You might feel a bit sleepy right after having your dinner but you have a specific time for sleep so try to resist and do something that keeps you awake.
Keep your room dark.
• Avoid drinking a large amount of water right before bed time.
Keep noise down
Keep your room cool

Do not disregard the importance of sleep. A day or two of sleep deprivation, stress creeps in which will soon develop to serious health problems.