Sleep deprivation can cause serious effects to your body. Not only it can make you unhealthy but it can also make you ugly. Moreover, it can lead to memory impairment, abnormal metabolism, and pathological deficits. Not having enough sleep at night can also lead to certain accidents and injuries.

Instead of rewarding oneself to sleep, some may consume their sleeping time working because they believe that it could make them productive. However, surveys show that depriving oneself of sleep can lead to high chances of failure. Also, there are some people who suffer from a condition called as insomnia, making them difficult to sleep whenever they got the chance to have to. There are also some who works at night and could not get enough sleep after their work in the morning.

Whatever reasons you can have from being sleep deprived, its overall effect is terrible. So, here are some ways that you can do to manage your sleeping habits.

Time Management

Time management is important not just for sleep but also in all aspects of life. In order to be productive, you must divide your time, leisure, and work properly. There must be a homeostasis between activities and rest.

Make Your Room a Sleeping Sanctuary

Having a relaxing place can make your body well rested. Some may have difficulty sleeping because the place is noisy, hot, and bright. In order to fall asleep immediately, one must get rid of the things that cause a lot of sensory stimulation.

A Gadget and Caffeine Timeout

A study shows that using gadgets prior to sleep suppresses the melatonin level in the body. Melatonin is a hormone, which signals the body about nighttime information and sleep. When melatonin is being suppressed by light at night it can lead to abnormalities in the sleep-wake cycle of a person. It is advisable to wean off from gadget at least 45 minutes before sleeping. Furthermore, you should never drink caffeinated beverages hours prior to sleep because it will just make you hyped.

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