In our generation today it is very common for women, girls and even some men to wear makeup/cosmetics. We use it because it is required in our jobs, some wear it for fashion purposes, some wear it for makeup tutorials, and some people just wear it for them to feel good. All these reasons are in fact acceptable nowadays. But do we know the effects of makeup to our skin? If there are risks, what should we do?

The only time that makeup causes risks to our skin is if we don’t use the right makeup/cosmetics that are suitable for our skin or skin condition. Some people have breakouts whenever they put on makeup that’s why they use hypo-allergenic or organic types of makeup which is, of course, safer to use.

It is best to put on makeup if we have already prepped our faces and it is already free from dirt. It is also best if we avoid cross-contamination, which is using your makeup brushes/tools to another person not knowing that the person is suffering from different skin diseases or you might be the one suffering from skin allergies. So it would be best to use your brushes only for your own and a different set whenever you apply makeup to other people.

Another thing is to always constantly keep your brushes clean, wash them regularly. This way you can make sure that it is dirt-free and you can use it on your skin again.

Hygiene is the key to a safer makeup session. Always remember, that using makeup is not bad but “too much of anything is bad” and don’t forget to remove your makeup and have a clean washed face before going to bed.