Does music affect our health? Yes, definitely! Music affects us in so many ways. We listen to it whenever we feel sad or happy and even when we’re mad. All together with our emotions, we listen to different genres of music. But how does music affect us?

If we listen to positive music when we are sad, it actually lightens our mood. But whenever we listen to loud music while we’re having negative emotions, it even worsens the situation. Listening to loud or noisy music can not only affect our mood but it also affects our health.

Listening to loud music is noisy, and with this kind of noise it can actually damage your hearing senses, it can even deprive you of sleeping, increase your blood pressure, higher stress levels and could even cause you a headache.

Being on your headphones all day while putting the volume on its maximum level can actually cause temporary and permanent hearing loss and we don’t want that! Temporary hearing loss is when you feel like everything around is you too loud that you have to make your voice a lot louder for you to be heard, your ear can be injured. This happens whenever you are exposed to loud noise or loud music for any duration. To recover from this you have to avoid listening to loud music and have a good rest of sleep.

Permanent hearing loss is when you are exposed to too much loud noise over a very long period of time. This time, it won’t be gone after a good rest, since it’s permanent, you won’t be able to hear as good as you used to. Protect your earbuds from this kind of loud music by turning the volume down or better yet listen to calm and soothing music.

Remember that music is supposed to make you feel better and not make you sick. Happy listening!