Soft drinks are the beverage choice for billions of people, but flavored and sugary drinks increase the risk of chronic conditions, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

The study shows that people who take flavored drinks regularly like 1 to 3 cans a day or even more, have a 30% greater risk of developing the type 2 diabetes compared to people who often have soft drinks.

Bones and Soft Drinks

Soft drinks contain high levels of phosphate. Consuming more phosphate rather than the calcium can have a harmful effect on bone health. Having enough calcium is extremely important during adolescence and childhood when bones are being built. Soft drinks are basically devoid of calcium, yet they’re actively marketed to the young age groups. Soft drinks can pose a unique challenge to healthy bones.

Drinking too many soft drinks can cause a lot of negative effects in your body, even if it’s a diet soda. Carbonated soft drinks don’t contain any beneficial nutrients, thus it contributes excessive sugar and calories to your diet. Start to swap the soft drinks per day for the 2 glasses of water. Many choices of water were carbonated and flavored like soft drinks without providing those unnecessary sugar and calories.

Top 3 you will experience if you continue to drink too many soft drinks

  1. Dehydration: Drinking too much of soft drinks can lead to dehydration since soft drinks like soda contain a high level of caffeine, a natural diuretic and may cause your body to excrete fluid through urine. Caffeinated soft drinks will make you need to use the restroom more often. If you’re exercising or you live where the climate is hot, think twice before consuming it as you may be likely to suffer from effects of dehydration such as fatigue and thirst.
  2. A tooth Decay: Too much soft drink can contribute dental cavities. Sugary beverages such as soft drinks and the likes coat your teeth, gums, and tongue for several hours after you drink them. This effect will break down the enamel on your teeth making them more vulnerable to decay. If you really love to drink soft drinks here and there, consider yourself using a straw since, in that way, the beverage goes right into the back of your mouth and can lessen the decay on your teeth.
  3. Gain Weight: People who drink too many soft drinks may be at risk of weight gain. According to the U.S Depart of Health and Human Services, to consume an extra 3,500 calories leads to gain 1 pound of your weight scale.

    Water has the opposite effects from those 3 mentioned above. Drinking water keeps you fully hydrated, does not contribute to dental decay and contains ZERO calories! Therefore, eliminate those bitter effects of the sweetened beverages.