You will be surprised because public toilet seats, shoe soles, and doorknobs are cleaner than your cell phone. Admit it! You cannot live without a cell phone and you are not aware that it is very filthy. You spend most of the time holding it anytime and anywhere. However, you do not take time cleaning it.

A study shows that each square inch of your cell phone contains about 25,000 germs, which makes it one of the dirtiest things you come in contact on a daily basis. The germs that you can usually found on the cell phone are E.coli and influenza virus. The E.coli is a culprit for abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrheas. While for the influenza virus, it is the cause for some respiratory issues such as a cough. In addition, if you put it in contact with your face, you are prone to develop acne and infection.

Every time that you are holding a cell phone, you are transferring and spreading different types of bacteria. It is also obvious that with your cell phone, you are at risk to develop an infection. Just imagine the risks when you are putting it near your mouth when you are calling someone.

Cell phones are usually warm. Thus, it is a good thriving place for the bacteria. If you wanted to culture them, then do not ever clean your phone. You can see its effect on your health slowly. Although, it would take tons and thousands of bacteria before you can be infected. It is always better to keep your phone clean in order to prevent risks.

Good thing, cleaning your phone is just a simple task. Hence, it is better to make it a daily practice. Moreover, just consider that your hygiene would not complete without it. If your phone is clean, then you have lesser risks to acquire certain diseases.